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  • Commented on Fixed 5.22 problems during my compiler port
    To install cperl using plenv you need to first install IO::Socket::SSL. For example using cpanm: cpanm -n IO::Socket::SSL Then install cperl with: plenv install -j 4 -Dusedevel -Dusecperl --as cperl-5.22.1 I wrote small script to automate most of it....
  • Commented on RFC: Perl software of the year award
    One example of CPAN library getting Application of the year award (outside of Perl community) is MySQL::Sandbox (work of GMAX - MySQL expert and long time Perl programmer). It got "Application of the year 2013" in the MySQL community (
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  • Leon Timmermans commented on Fixed 5.22 problems during my compiler port

    > Also, publicly stating "John broke xyz" probably doesnt help win people over.

    Yes, that.

  • Reini Urban commented on Fixed 5.22 problems during my compiler port

    After waiting 12 years and seeing parrot going down with the same people problems convinced me that you need to call the bad apples the bad apples.
    But maybe it's better for perl5 to die a loud death and let's restart with cperl. Currently the p5p death screams very loud. They will be dead after removing indirect method calls, which they are thinking about loud.

    As to the hint about the my fast arithmetic optimizations:
    Davem's artithmetic improve…

  • dly commented on Fixed 5.22 problems during my compiler port

    I agree with you having incompetent coworkers/whatever-fellow-open-source-developers-are-called is a big problem. As someone on the outside looking in, this situation really bugs me. Your work on cperl seems pretty awesome, but cperl would be even more awesome if it didn't exist, and instead you actually cooperated with p5p to make perl itself more awesome. Just as you've chosen to point out their incompetence; instead, you could choose to bury the hatchet and cooperate with them. Replace personal attacks with

    p5p has spoken: by banning you repeatedly for…

  • Yary commented on Fixed 5.22 problems during my compiler port

    ++dly Thanks for the good description of mentoring vs. badgering. Alas, transferring skills is another layer of talent and effort on top of employing those skills. At the moment this split seems healthy for all, though I share your hope that these projects can eventually successfully combine forces.

  • Reini Urban commented on Fixed 5.22 problems during my compiler port

    You should all have not to deal with p5p anymore, as they are not able to maintain their product, are making the product worse and worse, are not able to provide basic new features which are outlined since 2002, are not able to manage and communicate, created a hostile and childish environment with multiple occurrences of name calling, while the one who called out the bullies got punished, drove everyone with a blink of competence away in the last 15 years and are not able to provide basic security for their product.

    And no, the problem will not go away with a new maintainer, the top…

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