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  • Commented on p6env - Perl6 environment manager
    First, check which zef you've executed: $ which zef If the output is ~/.p6env/shims/zef, then you shoud have cro in the same directory, i.e., ~/.p6env/shims/cro. (this is expected) If the output is something like /path/to/.../share/perl6/site/bin/zef, then your setup of p6env...
  • Commented on What's going on here?
    Try this: sub fmt { sprintf $_[0], $_[1] }...
  • Posted p6env - Perl6 environment manager to Shoichi Kaji

    Last year, I created yet another Perl6 environment manager, p6env. Yes, it is awesome.

    Here are pros and cons of p6en…

  • Posted New release of Perl::Build to Shoichi Kaji

    Perl::Build is a Perl Builder created by tokuhirom.

    $ curl -L | perl - 5.26.2 /opt/perl-5.26/

  • Posted I attended to Shoichi Kaji

    Yesterday, I attended, which is a Japanese local pm group organized by karupanerura.

    A lot of interesting talks were presented there. I especially enjoyed ="…

  • Commented on App-RemoteCommand
    Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks for the information....
  • Posted App-RemoteCommand to Shoichi Kaji

    Last Friday, kichijojipm was held at Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. The talks were about not only Perl but also a wide variety of subj…

  • Commented on Make your CPAN module static installable
    ether pointed out in IRC that Dist::Zilla::Plugin::StaticInstall checked more criteria for the static install. You can use it by: ; dist.ini [StaticInstall] mode = on...
  • Commented on Make your CPAN module static installable
    Hi Ken, thanks for your comment. > Does this relate to the existing `dynamic_config` flag that I added to `Module::Build` (around 15 years ago!)? CPAN::Meta::History::Meta_1_4 says: dynamic_config: A boolean flag indicating whether a Build.PL or Makefile.PL (or similar) must be...
  • Commented on Make your CPAN module static installable
    I compared the elapsed time for installation of Plack in Then * Non-static-install took 28sec * Static-install took 9sec That is, static-install is 3x faster. Wow!...
  • Commented on Make your CPAN module static installable
    @brian d foy > I'd like to support this in cpan(1) It's awesome, I'd love to see it! > I didn't see a definition for "not complicated" that I'd have to support. Yeah, it is true that we may not...
  • Posted Make your CPAN module static installable to Shoichi Kaji

    CPAN modules are normally distributed with Makefile.PL or Build.PL,

    > perl Makefile.PL
    > make
    > make test
    > make install

    This makes CPAN modules installable without any CPAN clients help unlike oth…

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  • $Bob commented on What's going on here?

    Ah, thank you Aristotle! You have cleared up some subtleties in the language that I knew were there, but were quite hard to pin down. Thank you for taking the time to clearly explain those subtleties, and give an example of how I could detect them in the future (change sprintf to scalar).

  • Luca Ferrari commented on What's going on here?

    Just for the record: Perl6 catches the error.

    sub fmt { sprintf @_[0,1] }
    # Your printf-style directives specify 1 argument, but no argument was supplied

    sub fmt { sprintf $^a, $^b } # OK!

  • Ulti commented on p6env - Perl6 environment manager

    Yeah I removed the entirety of my old environment first. Its the zef and perl6 from within .p6env, the environment variables are set. I just tried installing another module with a CLI tool and it worked fine. I'll try reinstalling Cro and checking the log.

  • ysth commented on What's going on here?

    While you are correct about how it works, conceptually the issue is simply that an array slice in scalar context produces the last element of the slice.

    That it actually produces a list and then the last element of the list is produced is an implementation detail.

  • ysth commented on What's going on here?

    This is a fine example of why prototypes should not be used on user-created subroutines; just memorizing what they are for the built-ins and expecting the syntactic effects they have is hard enough.

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