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  • About: I write code and build things with Perl. Perl is awesome. Currently I’m building things at Duck Duck Go. Duck Duck Go is awesome. I’ve lived and worked as a software developer in Minneapolis, Beijing, Singapore, London, and Chicago.
  • Commented on I wrote a Perl book
    Simon, its not available as pdf atm. It would be fun to have a pdf version. I haven't looked into how I might do that or how hard it is. And I'm not sure how many people are into that....
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    (This article is cross posted here and on my own blog)

    I wrote a Perl book accidentally during my vacation. I started typing and everything just fell out of my head over the next few days. Its still pretty rough but I think its a decent…

  • Commented on My Favourite Test::* Modules
    Good picks. Test::Deep is fanatastic. Why don't more people use Test::Most? I like that it imports 'use strict; use warnings' for me. Also Test::Pretty....
  • Commented on Questioning the Role of API Design in Perl
    This looks awesome. I was just needing this the other day....
  • Commented on A plan for revamping and replacing the Perl debugger.
    I would like to see a debugger api. I've been working on Vim::Debug and an api would make integrating the debugger with Vim a lot more fun. I suppose the way to do that these days would be to embed...
  • Commented on Hello, world.
  • Commented on Preventing Collisions with Perl cron jobs
    Cool solution, thanks. An option for jobs which run on > 1 server is DBIx::Locker....
  • Commented on Indonesian names for software projects/products
    I liked this post. +1. Thanks! Indonesian sounds sonorous to me. I feel like there are a lot of vowels. Its also frustrating that I have to consider adding 'ify' and 'str' to the end of my domain names....
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  • rockyb commented on A plan for revamping and replacing the Perl debugger.

    Let's work together on this. When I browsed the github repository there seems to be a layer of dealing with sockets and parsing text output that should its own separate Module. In fact it would be the same thing you'd use if you were doing a Padre or GNU Emacs front end. In other words, there is a fair bit of code there that has nothing to do with VIM per se.

    In the past, I've been promoting DBGp as opposed to the various custom interfaces that are in use in Java, gdb, among others. And in truth right now Devel::Trepan has a…

  • rockyb commented on A plan for revamping and replacing the Perl debugger.

    Thanks for the correction. in Perl 5.16.1 has only 9,493 lines; so 10K lines is a little a slight overstatement. But the point I was trying to make (and 10K bytes doesn't do it) still holds: that this is unusually large and to what extent.

    Also in fairness to, I should say that in total lines of code Devel::Trepan is most certainly larger. But the code is split over more than 160 files. And even with this, there are some features that has that are not in Devel::Trepan yet.

    But again, thanks for that correc…

  • happymorning commented on A plan for revamping and replacing the Perl debugger.

    You may check Devel::ebug ; it's a module that provide a clean API over the perl debugger.

  • simon reinhardt commented on I wrote a Perl book

    Most of the stuff that I read (books, papers ) is pdf or djvu. So prefering it over HTML is just a habit, I think ;)

  • Jakeoff commented on I wrote a Perl book

    Do you accept translations? I'm interested into translate it to spanish.

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