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  • About: Perling in one form or another since 2000. I maintain packages PDF::Builder, PDF::Table, and Text::KnuthPlass (more to come!), so I guess my principal interest is text processing. Semi-retired, otherwise.
  • Commented on Greed is good, balance is better, beauty is best.
    I must also comment on your use of the terms "widow" and "orphan". Those are not the standard definitions that I've seen used by other authorities. An orphan is "born alone" (first line of the paragraph is on one page...
  • Commented on Greed is good, balance is better, beauty is best.
    There are some major problems with the last "Winter of our discontent" soliloquy. It is full of "stacks", which are the same word (or similar) repeated at the beginning at least once on following lines. Here we have two adjacent...
  • Posted PDF document creation with Markup languages to PMPERRY

    New, powerful features have recently been added to PDF::Builder and PDF::Table, enabling faster and easier high-level generation of PDF documents. The versions are respectively 3.025 and 1.005, and are available on CPAN.

    As well as the ability to "pour" te…

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