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    It's quite amazing that it can make such suggestions. Think you could soon get it to make a pull request on git development branch to actually incorporate one of it's suggestions into perl?...
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  • Aristotle commented on ChatGPT suggests new keywords for Perl

    Of course that example already works exactly as described if you use my. There is no need for let in Perl.

    All ChatGPT can do is generate a plausible response to a prompt. Here's a question. Were any of these suggestions a surprise? (I mean... other than let. Ho-hum.)

  • Tom Wyant commented on ChatGPT suggests new keywords for Perl

    Verrrrrry interesting.

    I understand yield to call for something like an iterator. You can do this in Perl now, but I would be curious to know details.

    The most thought-provoking (to me at least) was dataclass, which I understand to be a restricted hash on steroids.

  • john napiorkowski commented on ChatGPT suggests new keywords for Perl

    I think of this as an ideas generator, and to get an outsider viewpoint on Perl. One of the issues I think we have is that we as a community tend to look inward a lot. Of the suggestions I'd agree that yield is interesting although there's prior art on CPAN and it's not clear to me it's generically useful enough for core. the async stuff I personally believe we need to have and I think 'data class' could be interesting if we could also hang meta descriptions off the fields

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