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  • Posted how to sync time between two linux servers to Michael Li
      Found a way to synchronize date and time with a server over ssh which can quickly solve the problem:

      # date --set="$(ssh user@server date)"

      Or you can do it the other way around:

      # ssh user@host "date --set \"$(date)\""

    1. Option 2

    2. ‘ntp…

  • Posted passwordless ssh not working on rhel5 to Michael Li

    Was doing automation test, trying to set up passwordless ssh between the dirver and couple of test nodes. it just didn't work with one rhel5 box. Finally find the solution:

    [root@perlrh5-179 .ssh]# tail -n 10 /var/log/secure
    Dec 4 12:39:56 perlrh5-179 sshd[9397]: Authentication refu…

  • Posted find and exec to Michael Li

    first we can use find's exec opiton

    find . -name CVS -exec ls -dl {} \;

    also we can use shell

    for i in `find . -name CVS` ; do echo -n $i," "; done

    change ls, echo to whatever suits you, like rm -rf

  • Posted cmd to compare contents of two directories to Michael Li

    diff -qr dir1 dir2

  • Posted How to remove a carriage return (\r\n) to Michael Li

    use strict;

    my $str = "abcd\r\n";
    $str =~ s/\r|\n//g;
    print "[$str]";

    my $str = "abcd\n";
    $str =~ s/\r|\n//g;
    print "[$str]";

    my $str = "abcd\r";
    $str =…

  • Posted Check Eclipse Hot keys to Michael Li

    open Eclipse press Control-Shift-L.

    Alt-left arrow: Go back in navigation history.
    Alt-right arrow: Go forward.

  • Posted MySQL DATE_SUB() to Michael Li

    SELECT OrderId,DATE_SUB(OrderDate,INTERVAL 2 DAY) AS OrderPayDate
    FROM Orders

  • Posted use variable from other module to Michael Li

    In module bait we have

    our %IMAGEPADV = (
    'SxRT-5.1' => [ qw(sol_sparc sol_x64) ],
    'LxRT-5.1' => [qw(rhel5_x86_64 sles10_x86_64 sles11_x86_64)],

    In my own module use this to access %IMAGEPADV


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