• Posted Testing with AppVeyor to eserte

    If you ever wanted to test your CPAN modules on Windows systems without having an own Windows system setup, then you should take a look at AppVeyor. Basically it's something like travis-ci, but just running on Windows. Configuration happens in a YAML file…

  • Commented on Is it possible to run Movable Type under Apache HTTP Server?
    Somehow I am missing the arguments why to avoid CGI (being old is not an argument)......
  • Commented on Try the new perldoc
    There are already alternatives: Pod::Text::Overstrike and Pod::Text::Termcap in the podlators distribution. Together with Pod::Perldoc::ToTextOverstrike one can set the environment variable: PERLDOC=-MPod::Perldoc::ToTextOverstrike and get a different renderer when using perldoc. My impressions from using Overstrike: It's faster than the default pod2man....
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