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  • About: A blog about Perl and Prima. I would write about Perl and Prima the way I would like to read about them.
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    I would add some think after the previous comment. It is a common issue that any toolkit as Prima or PDL, where no effort was made by some publisher to make some publishable stuff, there are two different kinds of...
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    Hi, thanks for your comment. The aim of this posts is to simplify the adoption of Prima. With this spirit I am trying to depict concepts that I found for myself relevant to step forward. I generally need concepts first...
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    Windows are the main element in any Prima application. Windows belong to the Prima hierarchy, but at this time we are interested on windows simply being windows.

    Prima offers two basic types of windows: the MainWindow and the Window. The main difference is that destroying a MainWindow will…

  • Posted Object Oriented Learning of Prima to Fabio D'Alfonso

    Object orientation is a great benefit for programming but also a key for learning.

    Prima offers a very large set of objects to the needs of development. As the human brain can group together a quite limited number of objects (four to seven depending on individuals), having a large number …

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    Hi, I moved the post to Markdown. Thanks Fabio D'Alfonso...
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    Hi, I am new to writing about Perl and about using the website, so please continue to make suggestions. I will need some day to get all the ways to facilities and make the content more readble. Meanwhile please,...
  • Posted A brief introduction to Prima to Fabio D'Alfonso

    Prima is a graphical toolkit actually developed and maintained by Dmitry Karasik, now at version 1.34.

    Prima basic concept is that of building an application as a process of cr…

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  • David Mertens commented on A brief introduction to Prima

    Thanks for starting this thread of posts! I agree that getting from zero to Prima is a bit tricky. I started with the tutorial followed by looking through the examples. I look forward to your writeups because a comprehensive introduction would be a great help for beginners.

  • Dmitry Karasik commented on A brief introduction to Prima

    I'd also like to thank Fabio for his efforts! I myself lack the style to present material easy enough for the beginners, so if this series will continue that would be great

  • David Mertens commented on Object Oriented Learning of Prima

    Fabio -

    Of course! Your post is absolutely correct in its approach. My comment is merely a footnote for the interested reader. Please, keep up these beginner-targeted posts!

  • kharayo commented on A brief introduction to Prima

    I only find out about Prima recently. Love it! Does any body know tutorial on layout. I read the PDF manual but can not figure out the layout positioning for buttons, listbox..etc

  • James commented on A brief introduction to Prima

    Any chance of AnyEvent::Impl::Prima or IO::Async::Loop::Prima from the author?

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