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  • About: Perl and Bulgarian are my native languages. I naturally read and understand most Slavic languages like Russian, Serbian and recently Czech... as well as I write JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL...
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  • Buddy Burden commented on Three-value logic in Perl

    I'm not sure I agree that "NULL" is a terrible name for unknown data. After all, as Hercynium writes:

    Generally, when I read the word "null" I think of it as referring to something specific, representing the absence of a value.

    Which is exactly right. We have a database full of data. How did the data get there? Someone entered it. If there is an absence of data, it's because no one entered it. If no one entered it, it's because no one knew what it was, or they haven't gotten around to entering it yet--either way, it's unknown.


  • MeirG commented on Three-value logic in Perl

    NULL might also mean "Not Applicable" such as the "State" address field for Israel. (Hardly big enough to place the country's name...)

    In fact, in my old Ordain Inc. days (a database machine start-up that never took-off) we listed up to SEVEN totally different meanings that were all have to share the poor SQL NULL concept! Forgot most of them.

  • Joel Berger commented on Writing Non-Blocking Applications with Mojolicious: Part 2

    The closest thing I know of is sri’s Coro hack, which lets you write your code in a style almost like blocking: This is still not purely automatic.

    As to nonblocking dbi examples/apps, remember that you must be using a nonblocking db driver and few of these exist. Mango works for mongodb and Mojo::Redis works too. I’m not sure what the state of nonblocking dbi is.

  • Aranya Sen commented on Using jqGrid with Catalyst: Tutorial with Examples for Newbies

    Very crisp and to the point. Exactly what is needed for someone trying to get his hands dirty with Catalyst. Thank you so much.

  • JackTX commented on Using jqGrid with Catalyst: Tutorial with Examples for Newbies

    Thank you for your blog it was very helpful. I encountered a couple of problems some were mine somewhere changes over time. jqGrid did not seem to be able to use jquery-1.9 or above. So, I downgraded.

  • Verify that the user that connects to the DB can access the DB on the mysql server. For some reason, I could use the mysql command line to reach the server with my root user, but I could not get it to work with the code. I used another user with the code and it worked fine. I still don't know why I had to change users.

  • Make sure that you have all of the …
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