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  • Posted Yet Another 256colors Printer (App::256colors) to Dylan Cali

    I was surprised to see there aren't any 256colors scripts installable from the CPAN. I have one I've been using locally for awhile, so I turned it into a proper module and uploaded it as App::256colors (first!).

    Compared to the many other 256colors scripts…

  • Commented on ZMQ::FFI and FFI::Raw
    Ha yeah, I just added a note about weird rendering issues and a link to the git repo containing the examples, and after I added that they started rendering okay for me again as well... oh well!...
  • Commented on ZMQ::FFI and FFI::Raw
    Yeah I should probably do that. Hey do the code examples render weird for you? I just noticed they're showing all messed up for me, but when I go to my Post to check/re-edit they show up correctly on the...
  • Posted ZMQ::FFI and FFI::Raw to Dylan Cali

    A few months ago I released ZMQ::FFI, zeromq bindings for Perl that use FFI::Raw instead of XS. There's been some interest, so I thought I would write a short post to announce the module beyond the zeromq mailing list.

    In another post I'll discuss FFI::Raw itself, what it currently provide…

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