• Posted Heap's Algorithm and Generating Perl Code From Pseudocode to tinypig

    I've been researching recursion lately and in particular, permutations algorithms. This interest was spurred by a real-life case where such an algorithm would come in handy (combinations of @clients, @users, @tickets). I came across Wikipedia's entry for

  • Posted Tattletale Variables to tinypig

    Sometimes you might be faced with a huge program that, somewhere, is changing a variable's value to something undesired.

  • Posted Dispatch Tables to tinypig

    use strict;
    use warnings;

    sub greet { print "Hello!\n" …

  • Posted Accepting Input from Multiple Sources to tinypig

    One of the corners I often paint myself into when developing a tool is only accepting one type of input, usually STDIN, the standard input stream, like a pipeline (ex: cat fruit.txt | grep apple) or a redirect (ex: grep apple <…

  • Posted Saving Vertical Space to tinypig

    I was reviewing some code I had written for a simple RPG dice algorithm (although there's already a good module for this, Game::Dice) and I realized again that I have a prefererence for functions that can fit on one screen. One strategy is…

  • Posted My Bad Communication Skills to tinypig

    A couple weeks ago I asked how you "join the conversation" but based on feedback I got, I don't think I communicated well. I think people thought I meant "which blogs do you read?" What I really meant was: when…

  • Posted Class Abuse to tinypig

    This situation arose recently and it got me curious...

    What if you needed to access an algorithm in a very simple class method, but the functionality of the class is significant and would be a pain in the ass to set up and create an object in, not to mention resource-intensive, all to use …

  • Posted How do you join the conversation? to tinypig is great in that it's a stream of blog posts around a specific technology. Since I, like many of you, blog about other technologies too, I'd like to learn from you about other conversation streams. For me personally, the list of topics include:

    • Web development (JavaScr…
  • Posted Fix Those Legacy Subroutines or Methods to tinypig

    Maybe you know the feeling… you go to add an option to that method or subroutine and… cue Jaws theme

    sub update_shopping_cart {
  • Posted Passwords. to tinypig

    I am creating a separate post only because I now seem to have lost the permission to comment on other people's posts...

    No bigfoot, you are not the only one. I know there was some kind of security breach and some things were disabled so I've come to grudgingly accept it.

    It would b…

  • Posted Command Line Project Manager (clpm) v1.0.1 released to tinypig

    clpm is designed to make managing sets of files easier at the Unix command line. It's free and open source. Please view the demo here. Find more info at

  • Commented on Call for help with open source project "CLPM"
    ...and if I had spent some time there I would have avoided that unfortunate name collision :) Thanks for the heads-up! I'm definitely not married to the name....
  • Posted Call for help with open source project "CLPM" to tinypig

    CLPM is my “Command Line Project Manager”. It’s a tool I wrote and have been using myself for several years now, and I am releasing it in the hope that others might find it useful.

    Also, if you have been looking for an open source p…

  • Posted CPAN Pull Request Challenge: The Pull Request to tinypig

    In my last report, I had received an ok from the module's author to proceed with a pull request. The first thing I did, as I had with the modules referenced by

  • Posted My First Day on the CPAN Pull Request Challenge to tinypig

    So yesterday, I started on the CPAN Pull Request Challenge. I was assigned the module Devel::StackTrace::WithLexicals, so, I read the

  • Commented on Day 4: Date calculator shell (App::datecalc)
    Messing with it now. Very cool!...
  • Posted Making the Switch to Strawberry Perl to tinypig

  • Commented on Getting started with
    Thanks for the feedback everyone! I think I have some ideas on where to start now....
  • Posted Getting started with to tinypig

    I have looked high and low for help on getting started on a blog here at, specifically with regard to typical templates and including syntax highlighting to put code in my articles, but I can't find anything.

    I fear it may end up being something as simple as, "Did you click …

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