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  • Sergey Kolychev commented on Perl 6 Colonpairoscopy

    Yeah, I share msanders's sentiment.
    In the age of Python reigning as a king due to its simple by design syntax, creation of a language as complex as Perl 6 is certainly a nice brain stimulating experience.
    But will it be accepted widely ? Unlikely.

  • Pawel bbkr Pabian commented on Perl 6 Colonpairoscopy

    I consider colonpairs in method arguments THE BEST feature of Perl 6, hands down. It makes large codebase very consistent because it promotes genuine laziness when choosing variable names.

    Consider common P5ism like:

    my $name = 'John';
    sub authenticate {
    my ( $login, $password ) = @_;
    # is correct data passed?
    # or maybe user authenticates by his email?
    authenticate( $name, ...);

    While in P6 if I have:

    sub authenticate ( Str:D :$login, Str:D :$password ) {

  • aseric commented on The Hot New Language Named Rakudo

    There is no doubt the "Wall" in front of Perl 5 should be removed so it can proceed.

    My two points:

    1) For Perl
    Remember Java 1.5 was marketed as Java 5 and it was easier to proceed from there on.
    Similary Perl 6 can be skipped for Perl.

    Perl has been in Perl 5 for very long time. The next major version should be released as Perl 7 which will give a fresh beginning and surely every perl programmer will leap in joy. (Perl 6 can be skipped similar to Java which skipped 3 and 4)

    Language Name: …

  • Alexander commented on Perl 6 Colonpairoscopy

    What about extended identifiers per se, e.g. identifiers of the form “ordinary_identifier:key”? Should such identifiers be considered to contain an actual “colon pair”? Or is it better to refer to such an identifier as merely comprising, for instance, a “colon-separated string”, or perhaps a “colon-separated string adhering to colon pair syntax”?

    The question came up while revising the Perl6 documentation on identifiers, and there is uncertainty about whether or not the “colon pair” is a syntactic construct that plays an actual role in the formation of identifiers…

  • Alexander commented on Perl 6 Colonpairoscopy

    That should be: identifiers of the form ordinary_identifier:key<value>?

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