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  • Posted Rakudo Perl 6 on Android ICS 4.0.3 to Martin Berends

    The Asus Transformer Prime (TF201) is an outstanding Android tablet and with keyboard it is a very good netbook replacement. Using Linux Installer aided by some

  • Commented on Perl, Perl 5, Perl 6, and names
    What's in a name? We have had similar discussions in #perl6 on Freenode with numerous pros and cons, vented much hot air, and nothing changed. The bottom line is, it's Larry's baby, and Larry calls it Perl 6....
  • Posted Niecza almost took part in the Perl 6 Coding Contest to Martin Berends

    The community at #perl6 on freenode derived much pleasure from studying and discussing the entries to Masak's Perl 6 Coding Contest 2010. Five problems, five contestants, 26 entries (go figure) all used Rakudo. Since…

  • Posted Rakudo Perl 6 gets into databases to Martin Berends

    Database access for Rakudo Perl 6 has improved markedly in the past month. Here are the main points:

    The MiniDBI project formerly known as FakeDBI is destined for inclusion in Rakudo * and is now 'usable' and 'useful'. Commit permission to the ="htt…

  • Commented on Measuring Rakudo performance
    Unfortunately, no. The computers I use are not reference systems, hence "relative" observations. Rakudo is still far slower than Perl 5, the factor varies per operation. Rakudo may remain slower than Perl 5 forever, but could still save you time...
  • Posted Measuring Rakudo performance to Martin Berends

    You can now create "statistics" about Rakudo performance (perhaps to augment your "lies" and "damn lies" ;-) using new funtionality added to the 'tools/' script. It's under the title "Simple Relative Benchmarking", and needs at least two runs to give usable data. Please try it,…

  • Posted Just what we all want - a decent blog site :-) to Martin Berends

    Is it really possible that this is the first outsider's entry on the shiny new blog site? That's exciting! This site ticks all the boxes, and that cannot be said for most of the alternatives. Well done to the Dave Cross and the developer team! At #perl6 on there are…

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  • Salvador Fandiño commented on Perl, Perl 5, Perl 6, and names

    Alberto, sorry, mi post was not really a direct reply to your post but mostly a dump of my thoughts after reading it.

    Probably centered around this thing about dropping the 5 and calling the next perl "Perl 16". That assumes that Perl 5 development is doing fine. It is not.

    BTW, the blog entry linked by Shlomi Fish contains a comment by Michael G. Schwern that is a must read.

  • Alberto Simões commented on Perl, Perl 5, Perl 6, and names

    Well, I can agree that Perl 5 development is not doing great. But Perl 6 is worse. I could explain why, but I do not want to open a flame war :)

  • George Greer commented on Perl, Perl 5, Perl 6, and names


    At some early point in my learning process I started hearing about Perl 6, a subject that seems to cause confusion even within the Perl community. Unsurprisingly, this confusion is magnified for newbies. I now know that Perl 6 is to be treated as an entirely separate language, but outsiders do not know this. To them the decade long (and still going) process to create a production quality implementation se…
  • Nilson Santos Figueiredo Junior commented on Perl, Perl 5, Perl 6, and names

    I also agree that Perl 6 should be called something else. For us, inside the Perl community, it's easy to distinguish them.

    For everyone else, it's a mess. Also, nowadays, people only seem to notice major version increases. Firefox has switched to frequent major version increases (the new Firefox 5), Chrome is at... what? Chrome 13 or something? Emacs, Java... the list goes on.

    My personal favorite would be renaming Perl 6 to Perl++. And freeing up the Perl 6 name for an actual incremental major Perl release (such as something which would make perl5i the core syntax, for inst…

  • initself commented on Perl, Perl 5, Perl 6, and names

    If I wrote a song and thought it was great and then proceeded to play it for everyone I knew and not one person enjoyed the song, would I still think it was a great song?

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