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  • About: I consider myself a casual programmer these days, as I'm pursuing a career in writing. My main interests are modern Fortran, Perl and C.
  • Commented on In defence of OOP
    Hallo lichtkind! I remember the excellent series of articles that you wrote about WxPerl programming and published in the German $foo Magazin. I look forward to reading your series on OOP....
  • Commented on Inline::F2003
    Hi Ben, I really appreciate you trying out Inline::F2003. And... thank you for reporting the bug. Clearly I need to add the latest Perl release into my test procedure from here on. As for CPAN, yes, I can see that...
  • Posted Inline::F2003 to Ron Grunwald

    Hi all,

    I started the Inline::F2003 project in 2017 because I have a strong interest in modern Fortran and Perl programming.

    The project features the Perl module Inline::F2003. This module allows modern Fortran source to be inlined and called from a Perl program. The modul…

  • Posted (Update) Inline::F2003 - An ILSM for modern FORTRAN to Ron Grunwald

    An updated version, 1.01, of “matopmul” has been released on SourceForge. This version contains several fixes for the Inline::F2003 module. In particular, when a new FORTRAN compiler is specified through the FOR => “compiler”…

  • Commented on Inline::F2003 - An ILSM for modern FORTRAN
    Inline::F2003 is currently not available on CPAN - that's correct. I feel the module is not yet sufficiently mature to be released on CPAN. For instance, it hasn't been tested on Mac OS X or MS Windows. Although, that will...
  • Commented on Inline::F2003 - An ILSM for modern FORTRAN
    Yes, good question - thank you. My reasoning for calling it Inline::F2003 is to emphasize that it does require a FORTRAN 2003 compiler as a minimum. You see, the key FORTRAN feature that makes this module work is "C Interoperability"...
  • Posted Inline::F2003 - An ILSM for modern FORTRAN to Ron Grunwald

    I would like to announce the first release of Inline::F2003. The project features the program "", which performs a matrix multiplication calculation, to showcase the use of Inline::F2003.

    The project's URL is: https://sour…

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  • Grinnz commented on Inline::F2003 - An ILSM for modern FORTRAN

    As long as the word Fortran appears in the abstract (the part of the NAME section after the module name and hyphen), it should be easily searchable on metacpan. Regardless, it doesn't appear that this distribution is on CPAN currently.

  • Ben Bullock commented on Inline::F2003

    It's OK to upload unfinished modules to CPAN.

    File::Find is not only on CPAN but in the Perl core and yet it is insufficiently mature to have sensible functionality or documentation.

    Just think "My module cannot possibly be worse than File::Find" then it's OK to upload it.

    Go go go!

  • lichtkind commented on In defence of OOP

    Hai guys I'm very happy you liked it and you remember me. I'm preparing next part and also fixed typos and will elaborate already published article here and there so please recheck when next part goes public (end of next week probably).

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