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  • Posted Writing Perl with Emacs: Are there perl-mode users around? to haj

    Emacs comes with two different major modes to edit Perl code: perl-mode and cperl-mode.

    perl-mode is somewhat stuck with the Perl syntax of 5.14, has less features, but a cleaner implementation. cperl-mode is up to date with Perl 5.38 and h…

  • Commented on Making Taint support optional in Perl
    One scenario where taint checking is relevant are setuid scripts which might still exist. In that case, Perl silently activates taint checking, and in particular, does no longer examine the environment variables PERL5LIB and PERLLIB. May I suggest to keep...
  • Posted Breathing life into the (Emacs) cperl-mode to haj

    If you are an Emacs user, you might know or even use cperl-mode. I am using it, more or less since my first days with Perl. Back then, newsgroups were a thing, and Ilya Zakharevich recommended it occasionally. In older times cperl-mode was shipped with Perl, today it is part of Emacs.

  • Commented on Can't post a comment here -- dunno why
    I found that "Preview" always kills my sessions. So, in order to preview, I copy the textarea to the clipboard, and then "Preview". If I like it, I log in again, paste from the clipboard and immediately "Submit"....
  • Commented on Signatures vs. Methods
    While I can imagine several scenarios where multiple inheritance would come in handy, method resolution based on arity seems to be a bad idea in all of them. If all three classes in question belong to the same project and...
  • Commented on TPF: Perl deserves better. Please do better.
    I haven't been to the Perl Conference and am only reading about that event through third party articles, some of which allegedly have been altered since their first publication. I don't think I'll ever find out what has happened there....
  • Commented on Improving Perl debugger variable output
    Thanks for sharing this! I have adopted your .perldb, and I like it a lot. With a one line change it also works in an Emacs perldb session (yes, I'm guilty of not only using the debugger, but also Emacs):...
  • Commented on The Future of Perl 5
    I'd give Salvador Fandiño's suggestion for exception handling in the core a slightly higher priority than an object system. The benefit of an object system in the core would be a significantly reduced threshold for beginners to do OO Perl,...
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  • davebaker commented on Can't post a comment here -- dunno why

    Thanks, Aristotle!

    It works (using the browser's back button to return to the original page, then using the Submit button underneath the Leave a Comment field).

    Signing out and clearing cookies before logging back in didn't solve the problem (I still got a "your session has expired" when using the Submit button on the preview page).

  • darthed commented on Making Taint support optional in Perl

    I'm the task leader for a group that develops web and database applications, and we have dozens of web applications that use and rely on taint mode. I want to say this is a horrible idea.

  • Niels van Dijke commented on Making Taint support optional in Perl

    I would opt for a dedicated binary 'tperl' which has enabled taint mode by default. And a similar set of *.so libraries for Perl embedded environments such as Apache and PostgreSQL.

    And yes, we also use taint mode on public facing websites as good practice.

  • Neil Bowers commented on Making Taint support optional in Perl

    Hi darthed,

    Can you give a bit more details on how you use taint please? Very few people have said "yeah, I love taint, please keep it", so it would be helpful to hear more details. Thanks!

  • philip r brenan commented on Making Taint support optional in Perl

    Likewise we use taint in web applications whose code does not show up on CPAN. If taint were removed in later releases of Perl that would deny us an upgrade path to those releases. If you wish to remove taint please provide a feature guard so that the removal has to be explicitly requested. Thanks!

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