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  • Dean commented on Perl performance on Apple M1

    What I mean is to wrap up what you can in a script so its quick and easy for someone to replicate. Spitting out a result that can be compared to other results.

  • Elvin Aslanov commented on What happened to Perl 7?
  • Smylers commented on What happened to Perl 7?

    Thank you for such a clear update. As somebody who only manages intermittently to follow what's happening with the Perl core, this is really useful, and explains several things I'd be wondering about.

  • vkavalov commented on ChatGPT for Perl Learning

    Perl is like the sharp guy in the back office who can solve any problem fast and efficiently. Doesn't care about the "fashion du jour" - just what works and is efficient. And then are the "me too"s, who spent their time sensing the daily winds and making sure they are sexier than the next one. And that's how they win the hearts and minds of the most young and superficial minds. But every now and then there is a "fashion" that is the real thing and somehow perl made a few bad bets.

  • Aristotle commented on Profiling Perl under Apache

    Ah. That story is somewhat more complicated. These days when people say “Markdown” they mean a somewhat extended version of the syntax that most sites have converged on, whereas the Markdown plugin in use here is the O.G. Gruber Perl implementation which only supports indented code blocks and has never picked up support for fenced code blocks (as they are now called). Therefore it also always parses backticks as an inline code span, which renders as just a <code> tag. OG Markdown does support…

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