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  • About: I like code, and code that writes code, and code that writes code that writes code. So I especially like Perl.
  • Commented on Please relicense from "Perl 5" to MIT or Apache 2.0 license
    In order for someone to use a perl module, they have to run it with a perl interpreter, which requires that they already comply with the perl5 license. I think this is why most module authors default to that. Is...
  • Commented on Match Anything, Quickly
    Hi, Cincinnati perlmongers had a chat about this and we realized that you forgot /smx on the sub-eval'd version. Fixing that, it still shows that eval'd sub is faster than regexref, but reveals that (*ACCEPT) is the slowest way to...
  • Commented on Match Anything, Quickly
    I ran into the same thing while developing Language::FormulaEngine::Parser. After some testing, I found that eval-ing the function that contained the regexes yielded a huge speedup vs. trying to iterate qr// objects. I thought it had more to do with...
  • Commented on A dream resyntaxed
    I also don't really see that class data is anything other than a global. You can describe them in lots of flowery prose, but in the end everyone in Java just used class static fields as global variables in all...
  • Commented on A dream resyntaxed
    This post sort of sidesteps the question of whether attribute syntax is a thing people want more of. Yes, perl does have a pattern of key/name/attributes/body forming, but it only recently formed, and I, for one, find the attributes to...
  • Posted The Quickest Way to Set Up HTTPS to Nerdvana

    I registered on today so that I could comment on posts about object systems. However, the very first thing I encountered was a password page with NO SSL. So, even though I have a ton to say about object systems, my first blog post will instead be about setting up SSL.


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