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    Perl is a versatile and powerful programming language that can be used for various tasks, including sending and receiving email. In this article, we will explore some of the modules and methods that can help you accomplish this goal.

    There are different ways…

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    To have a secure SMTP delivery, use Email::Sender. Mail::Sendmail uses SMTP for transport and there's no other type of transport. It does not support SMTP authentication, which my SMTP server now requires even for access from localhost. From what I read and tried once or twice in the past, the…

  • Commented on It was bound to happen.
    I still use Pearl for some little things, but unfortunately I don't use it professionally either. A good reminder of the good old days....
  • Posted Saving Perl packages through local to Den Perl Notes
    In Perl there is an expression local. It substitutes the specified value with undef until the end of the block. The values can be global hashes, arrays and scalars, as well as elements or slices of hashes and scalars. The problem is that package hashes are not saved by local. By pa…
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