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  • About: Just getting back into Perl programming. I have a personal project, SeekMIDI, a small graphical MIDI sequencer.
  • Posted Perl Weekly Challenge #237 - Carpe Diem to oldtechaa

    Hello everybody! Welcome back to the Weekly Challenge series, where today we're working on dates again. I like these challenges in particular, for some reason. In this case, we have a rather simple challenge except that it gives us less common date formats than usual.

    The challenge gives u…

  • Posted Perl Weekly Challenge #236 - Lemonade Stand to oldtechaa

    Welcome back to another round of the weekly challenge, with just one solution this week. I'm setting up a lemonade stand and need to deal with change. Interestingly, I can only sell one juice per person, so I hope you're not super thirsty!

    We can take $5, $10, and $20 bills, and we don't s…

  • Posted Perl Weekly Challenge #235 - Splicing and Dicing to oldtechaa

    Hi everybody, we've got another two challenges this week, so let's dive into them!

    Remove One

    The goal is to see if there's any one number that can be removed to make the set sorted in increasing order. Here's the code:

    use v5.3…
  • Posted Perl Weekly Challenge #234 - Sharing is Caring to oldtechaa

    Hi everybody! Back this week with a (surprisingly long) solution to just Task 1 of the weekly challenge. Task 2 makes no sense to me at all because it seems like examples 1 and 3 disagree with each other. Just sticking to one challenge for that reason. Anyways, let's dive into it!

    The goal…

  • Posted Perl Weekly Challenge #233 - Similar Words and Frequency Sort to oldtechaa

    Hello everybody! For this week's weekly challenge I thought the challenges looked really easy, but they both had a couple slight complicating factors. Also, this was the first time I've used sub signatures.

    Similar Words

    For this one, we're looking for words that share all charac…

  • Commented on Perl Weekly Challenge 231: Senior Citizens
    This challenge only requested the count, right? It could have been even more simple if you wanted....
  • Posted Perl Weekly Challenge #231 - Not Going to Extremes but Accepting Senior Citizens to oldtechaa

    Hi everybody! In this week's weekly challenge, we're searching for anything but the minimum or maximum in a dataset, and searching for senior citizens on a plane.

    Min And Max

    This challenge is a very interesting one, because obviously the easiest solution in terms of development …

  • Posted Perl Weekly Challenge #230 - Turning Numbers into Characters and Words into Numbers to oldtechaa

    Hi everybody! I'm finally back with another PWC/TWC blog post for week 230.

    Separate Digits

    For the first challenge we want to split all the numbers in the array into single digits. Here's the code:

    use v5.36;
    my @nums;
    push(@nums, split(//, $_…
  • Commented on No One Is Immune to Abuse
    I appreciate your honesty about your own feelings. It sounds like you definitely had technical disagreements with Sawyer, and that's understandable. Not everyone will agree. It's nice to hear from someone who disagreed with Sawyer technically but didn't/doesn't feel abuse...
  • Commented on No One Is Immune to Abuse
    Whether some people are less able to handle pressure/disagreement than others is not the issue here. Examples Sawyer provided were objectively abusive. That is wrong. Nothing about the recipient changes abuse. I, for instance, might be less able to handle...
  • Posted No One Is Immune to Abuse to oldtechaa

    Once again I'm writing about a TPRC talk instead of a weekly challenge project, but that's because I feel it's a very important topic to be aware of both inside and outside our community as Perl programmers. Sawyer X gave a really great…

  • Posted Perl v5.36, Debian, and Ubuntu to oldtechaa

    I normally only write about the Perl Weekly Challenge/The Weekly Challenge, but today I have a couple things to say about recent Perl versions. I've been watching the videos from TPRC2023, and loving the talk by Paul Evans What's New in…

  • Posted Perl Weekly Challenge #225 - Words to the Max and Diff Sum to oldtechaa

    Hi all! Back this week with both solutions to The Weekly Challenge for once. We've got a word counting challenge and one that I really don't know how to explain. You have to see the challenge to understand it.

    Max Words

    So this challenge is just to tell us what the longest senten…

  • Posted Perl Weekly Challenge #224 - Passing Notes to oldtechaa

    Hi everybody! Just doing one challenge again this week. Time limitations hold me back once again.

    This week we're looking for the letters of a target word in a source word, and we're not allowed to use the same letter twice. Spoiler alert because it's only Wednesday and you still have the …

  • Posted Perl Weekly Challenge #223 - Count Primes? I've Never Met the Man to oldtechaa

    Hello everybody! It's another week with a new Perl Weekly Challenge. This week I'm only doing the first challenge, not because of time, but because the second challenge makes absolutely no sense to me. Perhaps a clarification will come out, but I'm not going to bother at the moment.

    This w…

  • Posted Perl Weekly Challenge #222 - Checking Against My List of Members to oldtechaa

    Hi everybody! Just doing the first weekly challenge task again this week. This week we're sorting a list of numbers and then checking whether the number matches the same position in the unsorted list. It's a very simple challenge and easily written in about 4 actual lines of clean code.


  • Posted Perl Weekly Challenge #221 - Good Strings, Bad Strings to oldtechaa

    Hi everybody! Very limited time this week so just a brief blog post.

    This week we're looking for any words in the list that can be created only using letters from a dictionary string. Then print the number of characters in the good words.

    Here's the code:

  • Posted Perl Weekly Challenge #220 - I've Seen These Characters 'Round These Parts to oldtechaa

    Hi everybody, just a quick one this week. Again it's been a very busy week, so I wrote this one quick to print the sorted list of all common characters in all the words provided. That's the simple explanation of this week's challenge.

    Here's the code:

  • Posted Perl Weekly Challenge #219 - Squaring Up to oldtechaa

    Hi everybody! This week again because of time I only finished the first challenge of The Weekly Challenge. However, because work for my client requires Python, I'm busy learning Python and I thought "Why not do Python for a simple weekly challenge task?" This is the first Python code I've ever…

  • Posted Perl Weekly Challenge #218 - Feeling Negative to oldtechaa

    Hi everybody! Back this week with a solution to just the first challenge project. I know I won't have time for the second one, plus I'm not sure of an efficient solution. I really liked this first one, though! I got to try some new techniques in it.

    Spoiler alert, since I know it's only We…

  • Posted Perl Weekly Challenge #217 - Flattening the Matrix to oldtechaa

    This week we have a very simple challenge! Again due to time, I just did the first challenge this week, but I have an idea of how I'd solve the second and I'll compare with the way others implemented it.

    Anyway, to the challenge. The goal is to find the 3rd smallest element of a matrix. Th…

  • Posted Perl Weekly Challenge #216 - Choosing a Nickname for Your Car to oldtechaa

    Hi everybody!

    Just one solution to the first task in the weekly challenge this week, and it's a different type. I didn't have time to do any more, and this solution might not be the most efficient or cleanest, but it looks reasonably good to me.

    The goal is to find any words which …

  • Posted Perl Weekly Challenge #215 - Bad Words and Looking For Zeros to oldtechaa

    Hello everybody! Back this week for weekly challenge 215, where we look for unsorted words and sets of zeros. This week both challenges took me only about 10-15 minutes each. The usual disclaimer about an early post, so don't read spoilers if you want to do the challenge yourself.

    Odd One…

  • Posted Perl Weekly Challenge #214 - Rank Score to oldtechaa

    Just one weekly challenge entry this week, because I am lacking in time and have no idea how to efficiently solve the second challenge.

    So here goes:

    Rank Score

    First, the code:

    use strict;
    use v5.24;
    my @sorted = reve…
  • Posted Perl Weekly Challenge #213 - The Simple and the Hard to oldtechaa

    Hey everybody, back this week with a couple really interesting weekly challenge tasks. The first one is extremely simple, like one-liner simple, and the second one is quite complex and nearly 90 lines long.

    Challenge #1 - Fun Sort

    This was fun, it's in the name. This challenge to…

  • Posted Perl Weekly Challenge #212 - Spinning Letters and Chopping Numbers to oldtechaa

    Back already with this week's solutions to the PWC #212. Spoiler alert, because the challenge doesn't close for another few days if you want to have a try.

    Challenge #1 - Spinning Letters

    This week we've got a simple letter rotation. Take each letter of the word provided and rota…

  • Posted Perl Weekly Challenge #211 to oldtechaa

    A couple very very last-minute solutions to the Weekly Challenge #211. I was crammed for time, so I didn't get to these until the last minute.

    Challenge #1

    For challenge number 1 I had an idea of the method I would use, but since I've been experimenting with it anyway, I…

  • Posted Perl Weekly Challenge #210 to oldtechaa

    I'm back this week with PWC #210. Last week I was very busy and spent a long time reviewing other peoples' far more efficient solutions to #208, so I didn't get to doing any solutions for #209. The usual disclaimer about…

  • Posted Perl Weekly Challenge #208 to oldtechaa

    First of all, a greeting. I posted an introduction with a notification of intent to take over a module on CPAN, but the maintainer responded to me. I'm Avery, I'm developing SeekMIDI, a small graphical MIDI sequencer. I started it in 2016 and I…

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  • Aristotle commented on No One Is Immune to Abuse

    Hey, the guy who doesn’t care is back to reaffirm his not caring. Welcome back. 🙂 Of course I’ma do me. Who else?

  • The Mighty Buzzard commented on No One Is Immune to Abuse

    Beats me. You seem to be concerned about people liking you, so it could be anybody.

    Most of the overly fragile people are not in reality overly fragile anyway. They simply hate you and will use the weapon you're giving them every time you fail to slap them down for doing it to others against you.

    The choice here is between demanding they act like a grownup who leaves his non-work feelings at home or letting them run everyone who gets things done off. There is not a middle ground, only an inevitable decline if you allow it.

  • Diab Jerius commented on No One Is Immune to Abuse

    Lots of stereotypes and assumptions being thrown around here, as well as some pretty grand generalizations.

    A community is defined by a set of common values and yes, a code of conduct of acceptable behavior. That's been part of human culture since before recorded history.

    Every community eventually sets down rules for what is acceptable and what isn't, otherwise it falls apart and is no longer a community.

    Some people don't like rules which limit how they behave towards others. Fine. But their behavior is not always welcomed by others in the community, and if the comm…

  • Aristotle commented on No One Is Immune to Abuse
    You seem to be concerned about people liking you, so it could be anybody.

    Buzzard, Buzzard. If you go around accusing people of not knowing the difference between empathy and sympathy, maybe you should not be making the same mistake. 🙂

  • laurent_r commented on Perl Weekly Challenge 231: Senior Citizens

    Yeah, I guess it could certainly be made simpler or shorter, but you don't say how. Please, tell me what you have in mind.

    I'm often tying to make concise solutions, but, at the same time, I'm not too much interested in golfing to the smallest possible number of characters, as I want my solution proposals to be clear rather than clever. Here, the code for the real solution is just one line, it is quite concise. Still, I'm interested to read your proposal.

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