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    This is a module I wrote a while back, but I never announced. I am pretty happy with how this came out, so here's the announcement. Some JAPHs might be disappointed to learn that one feature of Perl 5 that did not make it to 6 is globbing. That is, doing something like this:

  • Commented on The Fuse Operator - A Suggested Language Extension
    Perl 6 has a heaping pile of operators, but I do not know of one that works like this. There are some operators and conditions that may mitigate the need for this operator, though. Here are some examples of how...
  • Commented on Why in The World Would Anyone Use Perl 6?
  • Posted Async Aborts and P6SGI to Sterling Hanenkamp

    So, it's been a couple months or so since I last posted about this. Since then, I gave a talk about it at the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop. After that, I took a Perl 6 hiatus because life got busy and I was a little burned up. In the past few weeks, I've done a little bit of work: cleaning up…

  • Commented on P6SGI: More of a Journey than a Destination
    A few comments: 1. In some ways the middleware bits are irrelevant to the P6SGI spec. The important bits to the spec are naming how the application ultimately communicates with the server. What happens between the middleware and application is...
  • Commented on P6SGI: More of a Journey than a Destination
    As Perl 5 lacks the thread model and composable concurrency objects of Perl 6, I am not sure how you would back port some of these bits to PSGI. It is an interesting problem to consider, though....
  • Posted P6SGI: More of a Journey than a Destination to Sterling Hanenkamp

    When I started working on P6SGI, I thought, "Hey, I'll just update PSGI to use not how this process has gone down. First, I learned that I needed to know more about Perl 6. Then, I found that I need to know more a…

  • Commented on Fluent interfaces in Perl 6
  • Commented on P6SGI: 4 Myths Dispelled
    Thanks, cuttlefish. The good news is that there haven't been any real trolls yet. I just wanted to address the tone and try to make it clear that P6SGI is looking forward not backward....
  • Commented on P6SGI: 4 Myths Dispelled
    The "re-hashing" statement might not be a fair description of what was meant. I think what was meant is that WSGI/PSGI represents a fundamentally un-useful paradigm for modern web development with all the new toys we have today....
  • Posted P6SGI: 4 Myths Dispelled to Sterling Hanenkamp

    So my last couple of posts have brought up some grousing from people who do not like PSGI in Perl 5. I am sorry to say that some of this grousing against P6SGI has made some assumptions based on PSGI and not based on P6SGI. I am now going to try to dispel some of these myths.

  • Commented on P6SGI: Smack the Reference Implementation
    By the way, thanks all for the comments. I hope to be giving a talk about P6SGI at the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop, assuming everything works out on my schedule, and you're giving me lots of material to work with....
  • Commented on P6SGI: Smack the Reference Implementation
    John, P6SGI is not intended to be a direct port of PSGI. So far, it resembles PSGI, but all applications must be implemented using asynchronous Promises and Supply objects. I'm reading through your gist regarding PSGI and I will see...
  • Commented on P6SGI: Smack the Reference Implementation
    I have not forgotten, LeoNerd. To summarize, he wants to make sure there is (1) a sensible way for applications to monitor the blocking and hangup ("response backpressure") on the output socket (without necessarily having to have direct access to...
  • Posted P6SGI: Smack the Reference Implementation to Sterling Hanenkamp

    The P6SGI standard is progressing reasonably well now. There are a number of issues yet to be worked out it is a reasonably good start. However, before we can really be sure of that, we need an implementation that puts the standard to use and helps us find the warts as well as provides a way to…

  • Posted P6SGI: Revising and Reviewing to Sterling Hanenkamp

    After my previous post I received quite a bit of really good, constructive feedback. Thank you all who responded to my request for comments! I would say the gist of the feedback was this:

    • Make the interface simpler for middleware and to a lesser extent, servers.
    • Consider alw…
  • Commented on P6SGI: Perl 6 Web Service Gateway Interface
    In summary, so far, the comments are that some would like a slightly higher level API for this, which I believe can be resolved in the reference implementation, similar to what Plack does. It has been suggested that apps always...
  • Posted P6SGI: Perl 6 Web Service Gateway Interface to Sterling Hanenkamp

    So, I have been meaning to start a Perl 6 blog for a couple of months. At that point, though, this site was having issues and I have this perverse desire to write blog software every time I think about blogging and so things got put off for a bit. I am now starting this here and I want to get…

  • Commented on Perl 12
    That's a terrible idea. I really have always despised the engineering version number versus marketing version number difference of Java, Oracle, and other products. It's confusing. It's stupid. If anything needs renaming it's Perl 6, it's not really the successor...
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  • raiph commented on Why in The World Would Anyone Use Perl 6?

    > Lets shoot for love and acceptance together by listening hard to each other

    Indeed. ♡ :)

    I was particularly struck by:

    > When I say "Inline::Perl5 doesn't work at all for most of my code", that's a big deal.

    Have you already figured out why it doesn't and what if anything can be done to get it to work? If not, would you be willing to work with Perl 6 folk to try figure that out?

  • john napiorkowski commented on Why in The World Would Anyone Use Perl 6?


    I only yesterday figured out how to run tests on Perl6 so once I have some rational bugs to report I will give them. I just hate to go on IRC and say "It doesn't work." However now I can see its something to do with subroutine attributes. Most of my applications use Catalyst, which makes heavy use of sub attributes, but I guess that isn't straightforwardly translated to Perl6. Looks like Perl6 has a version of Attributes but they do something totally different. Catalyst uses attributes as tagged metadata on a subroutine, seems like Perl6 version of this is more like decor…

  • john napiorkowski commented on Why in The World Would Anyone Use Perl 6?


    Looks like I forget to hit send or something, I had a longer response but the short version is I don't know enough to give a rational but report, but I think it has something to do with Catalyst subroutine attributes and how Perl6 attributes are totally different. When I figure out more I will definitely say something because web applications that want async would be a great reason to port stuff from Perl5 to Perl6 but if I can't make an existing Catalyst application run thats a totally no go. Thanks for the reply -jnap

  • martin commented on The Fuse Operator - A Suggested Language Extension
    Does Perl 6 have such an operator?

    Perl 6 uses the symbol ^^ for infix exclusive-or, but has no fuse operator. Interestingly, a single caret is used as a prefix and an infix operator and as a part of many other operators.

    Technically, postfix ^^ could be used in Perl 6, too. The combination of high precedence binding and low precedence short-cutting in an operator would be new for both languages.

  • aod7br commented on Why in The World Would Anyone Use Perl 6?

    Man, I was very suspicious of perl6. Like many here, it took so long... and python is so good (GIT and object serialization limits being the main annoying things). But after watching Larry's presentation of perl6 and your presentation here I was in awe. Yes Perl6 is amazing, beyond what I expected. I even wrote an article about it:

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