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    Thank you for your comments. @john: I tried perlbrew and it is pretty cool. We were going to use it but then I found this article on stackoverflow by brian d. foy which recommended against perlbrew and mod_perl. So...
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    At Jobindex we use Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The OS is very stable and we feel that Red Hat is doing a lot of good stuff for Linux and OSS in general.

    When it comes to perl the current version RHEL ships with version 5.8.8 which causes a bit frustration however. Some CPAN modules won't ins…

  • Commented on I hate the param method from CGI
    Thank you for commenting guys. This has encouraged me to do some more bloging :) I pretty much agree with all of you. @Eric what module would you recommend for scrubbing the input? @petdance I guess I used "blame" and...
  • Posted I hate the param method from CGI to anielsen

    Scalar and list content is a nice and advanced feature of perl. Sometimes I think it's a bit too smart for us who use perl.

    In our code we have a lot of method calls like this

    $obj->foo( name1 => $value, name2 => bar() );

    We do a lot of web stuff and often …

  • Posted What I learned at YAPC::EU 2010 to anielsen

    This is a small list of stuff I learned at YAPC::EU 2010 in Pisa.

    • I can blog here at
    • I need to look at Try::Tiny. It's supposed to be (exceptionally) good at handling exceptions
    • The WWW::Mechanize::Firefox talk by Max Maischein should have been a b…
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  • brian d foy commented on RHEL and perl

    You left off the most important part of the quote "Some CPAN authors...". It's true that some authors are writing stuff that intentionally uses the newer versions of Perl.

  • Phred commented on RHEL and perl

    At the same time we will also start using git to manage perl and the installed modules to keep the versions in testing and production in sync. This way we wil also avoid messing with RPM packages.

    I think your desire to use your own Perl binary has merit and will benefit you in the long term. But for what it is worth, I spent dozens of hours at a previous employer (who also used RHEL) migrating them away from this setup (except they were using svn instead of git).

    Dependencies were more difficult to track using version control as opposed to rpms where you can explicit…

  • Dean commented on RHEL and perl

    Sadly, perl 5.10 is slated for rhel6 rather than perl 5.12

    My workplace is a large rhel and perl user, so we have placed a formal request for 5.12 in rhel6.

    Can i recommend that other rhel users log in to the redhat support site and request perl 5.12 in rhel6.

    At least the new redhat will have a new perl version, rather than a 2+ year old one.

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