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  • Commented on POE::Session object_states: handlers are sub names not CODEREFs
    Tom's suggestion only works with inline_states, which take code references. If you pass a code reference to object_states, POE::Session will treat the code reference as a method name. Your program will fail when Perl can't find method "CODE(0xindeterminate)". You can...
  • Commented on Creepy perl stat functions on Windows
    Hi! This is the author of POE::Wheel::FollowTail. Your detailed explanation of the problem has allowed me to fix my module. At least, I think I fixed it. There are tests, and they pass, but they also passed before the change....
  • Commented on Finally starting the move to GitHub with GitHub::Extract
    I wrote as a yak for moving POE to git. It includes a utility (snerp-projector) that splits up a converted repository into multiple projects. Subprojects have the main project history up to the point where they diverged. For example,...
  • Commented on I was called "fucking asshole"
    Let's not judge the Perl community from one single rather unrepresentative element. It's not a binary condition. It's up to each member of a community to decide which elements and behaviors represent them. From the other direction: each element...
  • Commented on Learning AnyEvent
    I also recommend Reflex, which is entirely object oriented throughout. It's closer to how I'd have written POE if I had Moose from the start. It should work with AnyEvent, too, using either AnyEvent::Impl::POE or POE::Loop::AnyEvent....
  • Commented on Asynchronous MySQL Queries in Perl Using DBD::mysql and AnyEvent
    That makes it easy to play with just about any eventy system, including POE, Reflex, and IO::Async. In fact, here's your sample program ported to Reflex:
  • Commented on Pod::Plexus meta-yak, editor folding
    Thanks, Sawyer X. I've had my doubts, so this is good to know. :)...
  • Commented on Pod::Plexus meta-yak, editor folding
    mrstlee: I'm doing it mostly for me-now and me-future. Those "me"s are the ones writing and maintaining lots of documentation. Me-past has told them how unsatisfied I was with the existing process, and me-now has agreed to try something new....
  • Posted Pod::Plexus meta-yak, editor folding to Rocco's Perl Stuff

    Pod::Plexus development has led me down a slippery slope peppered with boulders and broken glass I thought I could avoid forever.

    My inner typographer wants to lay out documentation "just so", which means putting all the POD together, usually at the end of the file. Pod::Plexus and Pod::W…

  • Posted If you can't make money, at least have fun. to Rocco's Perl Stuff

    There's a saying: "If you can't make money, at least have fun." My enormous fun.

    They've put me in the position to meet a lot of great people and go to interesting places. It's hard to imagine having more fun than I did

  • Commented on Reducing Documentation's Technical Debt
    I love specifications, but "=for include" reads awkwardly. I suppose I'll have to bite the bullet for general acceptance, huh?...
  • Posted Reducing Documentation's Technical Debt to Rocco's Perl Stuff

    Documentation is a social asset, but it's balanced by a technical debt. Documentation describes code that changes over time. As the code changes, so must the docs.

    I want to write good documentation for my Perl distributions, but my standard of "good" documentation requires a lot of effo…

  • Posted App::PipeFilter for Top-N Reports to Rocco's Perl Stuff

    I'm testing some software at work by replaying pcap files at the application. I want to make sure the results in the database match what's in the original packet dump. There are hundreds of packet producers. I want to focus on the top ten to make better use of my time.

    I've written a ut…

  • Commented on Bundlefly - Make Your Bundles Fly
    Thank you. It's "same terms as Perl itself" if anyone wants to make CPAN clients smarter....
  • Posted Bundlefly - Make Your Bundles Fly to Rocco's Perl Stuff

    Bundlefly is a hack I've written to build a graph of a bundle's distributions and install them in optimal order. It accelerates the installation of entire library suites for new Perl builds and perlbrew instances. As with

  • Posted App::PipeFilter 0.001 on its way to CPAN to Rocco's Perl Stuff

    Thanks, everyone who was interested in App::PipeFilter. Your interest motivated me to clean it up and send the very first release to PAUSE. It'll be on CPAN once your favorite mirror catches up. Check out the snazzy documentation, which consumed…

  • Commented on App::PipeFilters - JSON in the Shell
    As promised, App::PipeFilter 0.001 is on PAUSE now, and will appear at your favorite CPAN mirror shortly....
  • Commented on App::PipeFilters - JSON in the Shell
    Thanks for the suggestion, but I'd rather keep tarballs out of the repository. I'm working towards a CPAN release not too long from now. First I need to add a small set of crucial features....
  • Posted App::PipeFilters gets multiline parsing and JSON::Path to Rocco's Perl Stuff

    Tonight I added support for multiline JSON input to all the This is great for data sources that are beyond one's control, such as those found on the web. But I haven't found one to use as an example, so you get this i…

  • Posted App::PipeFilters - JSON in the Shell to Rocco's Perl Stuff

    I've just put App::PipeFilters on github for review before I inflict them on CPAN.

    They're a small set of UNIX command line tools for working with structured data. In particular, JSON objects, one per line. They're compatible with m…

  • Posted Sleep Sort with POE to Rocco's Perl Stuff

    Sleep sort is described in this silly 4chan thread. I don't guarantee work safety.

    It's essentially an insertion sort into time itself. A timer is created for each numeric value to sort, and the order in which they occur determines …

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  • schmorp commented on I was called "fucking asshole"

    Your code of course doesn't even come close to whats needed. Posting some incomplete code that doesn't even remotely come near to a solution and proclaiming that it is easy is very naive.

    Besides, the extra work is not the only problem with this approach.

  • Mithaldu commented on Finally starting the move to GitHub with GitHub::Extract

    > Fortunately, with the availability of tools
    > longer a problem.

    I find it interesting that you consider those as the linchpins for convenient git usage on windows, since on review i found them terribly flawed because they are quite alluring, but leave out (or make hard) important git use patterns; and in doing so they promote use patterns that are actually damaging to software development. This is even more surprising since msysgit (with its native git-gui) and tortoisegit work together in very comfortable ways and aid…

  • Steven Haryanto commented on Finally starting the move to GitHub with GitHub::Extract

    Don't forget to share the notes here :)

  • Adam Kennedy commented on Finally starting the move to GitHub with GitHub::Extract

    @Mithaldu I don't have time to discuss it on IRC at the moment, but I'd love to see a blog post or a write up on why those two clients are problematic.

  • Paul "LeoNerd" Evans commented on Asynchronous MySQL Queries in Perl Using DBD::mysql and AnyEvent

    If you're going to use this idea, be aware that it's only a half-baked solution.

    For this to work reliably, the file descriptor itself still needs to be in blocking mode, so that writes and reads to it are not interrupted if too much data is being written, or not enough is available to be read yet. This means that actually writing the query, and reading the response once it has arrived, are both done in a purely blocking way, and it's only the part where you wait for the start of a response to be available that is done asynchronously. You still run the risk of blocking during either …

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