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  • About: A perl programmer who learn ninjutsu at the weekend.
  • Posted cpanmeta fav++ modules helping you! / sorry this is not spam to Naoki Tomita

    I like CPANMeta fav++ this is nice than

    my opinion the "like" rating is better and well working than "5 stars" rating because 5 stars system often is used to report bug (sad.. but true).

    so today I wrote sma…

  • Posted using Dancer as WAF ::Utils to Naoki Tomita

    after PSGI, CPAN has a lot of parts to build Web Application Framework.

    I think WAF uploaded on CPAN are just to provide a style.

    Catalyst provides router system using method attribute. Web::Simple uses proto. Mojo provides WAF O…

  • Posted perl5.10, give back our $_ to Naoki Tomita

    perl5.10 added given keyword. very nice.

    However, given("foo") does my $_ = "foo"(lexical $_) implicitly. This means it does not work code using local $_ in given block. like this:

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