Announcing the Perl Toolchain Summit in 2024!

After three years of not organising and one successful PTS in Lyon last year, we might have become a bit complacent and forgotten how taxing organizing an event is... After a very slow preparation, we are very pleased to announce the fourteenth edition of the Perl Toolchain Summit!

In 2024, we will be meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, from Wednesday April 25 to Sunday April 28. As has become customary, participants will stay at the hotel, and work in the meeting rooms dedicated for the event.

Welcome to the Perl Toolchain Summit 2023

This post is adapted from my notes and recollection of the welcome speech I gave on the morning of Thursday April 27, 2023, just before the initial stand-up.


This post is brought to you by, the Diamond sponsor for the Perl Toolchain Summit 2023. is proud to sponsor the 2023 Perl Toolchain Summit as Perl continues to be a vital piece of our technology stack. We continue to rely on the Perl platform and tooling to serve millions of customers every day, helping them experience the world. Other than our interest in the evolution and modernization of the platform and tooling, the PTS is also a great opportunity to connect with the larger community and share learnings about how other companies and projects are tackling the challenges of working with Perl at scale (talking about both in systems and teams scalability), and how Perl fits an ever-changing and diverse technological landscape in other organizations.

You can learn more about booking at the end of this article.

The Perl Toolchain Summit 2023 has a COVID Policy

The Perl Toolchain Summit is the annual event that brings together the key developers working on the Perl toolchain. The 13th summit (after a three year hiatus in 2020-2022) is in France this year, in late April.

It is, at its heart, an in-person event: about thirty people will spend four days in confined spaces, exchanging ideas and patches. And also droplets. To keep everyone safe, we have prepared a COVID policy.

The Perl Toolchain Summit is back in 2023!

After a three years pandemic-induced hiatus, it is my pleasure to announce that the Perl Toolchain Summit is happening again!

This year, for the thirteenth edition, we will be gathering again in Lyon, from Wednesday April 27 to Sunday April 30 2023, in the hotel Campanile Lyon Centre Part-Dieu. Participants will stay at the hotel, and work in the meeting rooms dedicated for the event.

The first rounds of invitations have been sent. We plan on having about thirty participants. We are always looking for sponsors (ask for our sponsor prospectus!).

A widespread and broken Perl idiom

The following code is using a widespread Perl idiom, taking advantage of features designed for one-liners:

my $content = do { local ( @ARGV, $/ ) = ("$file"); <> };

Another trick here is the array assignment, which slurps all elements of the list into @ARGV, leaving $/ to undef; that way, the diamond operator will read the entire file at once.

I've been using and publicizing this local @ARGV idiom for years. And I've spent several days last week chasing a bug caused by this line of code.