Acme::MetaSyntactic is back!

After a hiatus of five and a half years, Acme::MetaSyntactic is finally back!

For this version, I have split the distribution in two:

  • the "core" modules, available in the Acme-MetaSyntactic distribution,

  • the historical themes (with a few additions), available in the Acme-MetaSyntactic-themes distribution. I will slowly update it (weekly?) with the themes I received in 2005-2006 and didn't include at the time.

The main change is the creation of the Test::MetaSyntactic test module, that makes it much easier for theme authors to create their own theme distributions, and check that they follow the rules for Acme::MetaSyntactic themes.

Anyone willing to create new Acme::MetaSyntactic themes is invited to simply create
their own distribution (no need to send me patches any more!), and stick in a t/metasyntactic.t test file with the following content:

use Test::MetaSyntactic;

Simply email me so that I can update the MetaSyntactic bundle.

(In other news, France has a new president.)

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