Adopting DateTime::Format::Mail

Finally pushing my first release of this distribution is a special moment to me.

Its original author, Iain Truskett (SPOON), died on December 29th, 2003. He was 24. Back then, I didn't know him, had never interacted with him, or even used any of his modules. That was ten years ago.

The only thing I did at the time was to buy three of his books from his girlfriend. They are still part of my ever-expanding bookcase of computer books, and at least one of them I used thoroughly.

Fast-forward to middle of last year, when NEILB started to publicize his adoption list. After having adopted a module I was the only one actually using, I started to looking further in the adoption list for modules that looked easy to adopt. Few bugs in RT, and bugs that didn't look like too much work. That's when I found DateTime-Format-Mail, and remembered 2003.

DROLSKY handed me co-maint very quickly (after all, he had already offered the module for adoption in one RT ticket). It turns out the open bugs didn't really seem worth doing a new release in a hurry. (When doing my first release, I actually rejected one of them.)

And then, less than a week ago, an actual bug popped its head. I could finally do some real work on the module, all the way to an actual release.

Ten years after the untimely death of its author, I've finally been able to do what I didn't dare to do then. And a humble Perl module continues being used and useful, thanks to the chain of CPAN authors that take care of it.

I'm proud to be part of this module's history.

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Thanks for adopting DateTime-Format-Mail. It is used by XML-RSS and the new version broke its tests, so I had to release a new version with better tests.

I remember hearing about Iain's (= SPOON) death on Freenode’s #perl where he used to talk. Thanks for the gesture.

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