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I just announced that the patch -p2 hackathon in Lyon will have a special focus on Act. To support the people hacking on Act and willing to attend this and other future Act hackathons, the French Perl Mongers have decided to setup an Act fund.

The goal of the fund is to help the people working to improve Act, so that the Perl community can finally have an improved Act to use. Some of it is by getting the keepers of the main database (the French Perl Mongers) more involved with what's happening. Another big part of it is to facilitate communication between the people the more involved in the project. Hackathons have proved their worth, mostly because of the value of face-to-face communication.

This fund is not meant to pay salaries, or offer grants, but to cover travel and accommodation of hackers involved in the current and future efforts to improve Act. The Act fund will be fully disclosed to the public, on the Act website, with all income and expenses listed.

I've approached several Perl organizations and Mongers groups that have benefited from Act in the past, to ask them to support the Act Fund. Individuals can support the Act fund too, and help our hackers bring Act in the realm of modern Perl.

Thanks for your support!

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