The patch -p2 hackathon in Lyon is over

patch -p2 was held in Lyon, in the local office, and organized by the French Perl Mongers.

It was the sixth hackathon the French Perl Mongers organized in three years (we're now on a steady "two hackathons a year" rythm), following the Perl QA Hackathon 2012, Quack and Hack Europe 2012, patch -p0, patch -p1, and the Perl QA Hackathon 2014.

Now that we have a little experience with the venue, things went much more smoothly than the previous time.

Once again, nothing would have been possible without the wonderful Laurent Boivin and Wendy van Dijk. I think I'll just quote myself at this stage:

Thank you Laurent, although this was my idea, nothing would have been possible without your help.

Thank you Wendy and Laurent, you came to Lyon, on your own funding, knowing you wouldn't have time to hack (you actually had no intention to), because all you planned to do was help the participants focus on their task by taking care of the mundane details.

This might not seem like much to some, but this was a gift of love for the community, Perl and CPAN. I'm not sure we deserve you, but I'm glad you're here for us. Thank you. ♥

I would also like to thank Pauline, the office manager for the Lyon office, who was very keen on making this work, and went through the trouble of dealing the building owners to ensure we would be able to access it (including on Sunday).

I think my colleagues have enjoyed seeing our weird bunch roaming the office, and hopefully have not been disturbed too much by our presence. Enough that they might accept hosting us sometime in 2015!

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