CPAN authors and Gratipay 2.0

About a year and half ago, the CPAN community started to join Gratipay (formerly known as gittip), possibly under the influence of this post and that mashup.

Since then, laws and regulations have caught up with Gratipay, forcing them to radically change their model (there's something to be said about doing a little bit of bibliography/research on the problem area before diving into the code).

So if you joined Gratipay at that time, and received some tips, you should read this.

Gratipay is transitioning to a new model, dubbed Gratipay 2.0. The biggest change is that only teams can receive gifts. Mojolicious was the first Perl project to submit a team and to be accepted. They really always are on the bleeding edge!

Because none of my CPAN modules qualifies as a big project, I've created the CPAN-BOOK team on Gratipay, as a target for those who want to use money as a token of gratitude for my CPAN work. This is very likely to be a one-person team (although there's at least one person I'd like to invite to this team, as he's been consistently helping me with most of my modules).

After some discussion, Gratipay accepted my team submission.

I've also created two other teams for my bigger non-CPAN projects: for the web site and Act for the Act project. I plan to invite project contributors to those teams, as soon as owners can actually edit their teams.

I expect the larger Perl projects (CPAN Testers, MetaCPAN, Moose, DBIx-Class, etc) to create teams of their own if they are interested in participating in Gratipay. For small players like me, I think using CPAN-$pauseid as a proxy for their CPAN activity is a good compromise.

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I think I'm more confused after reading that issues thread than when I started.

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