Git::Database now supports seven different Git backends

A few weeks ago, SROMANOV sent me a patch for Git::Database adding initial support for accessing the Git object database references via Git::Raw. He had already contributed a partial implementation for a Git::Wrapper backend some time ago.

This motivated me to explore that module further, and implement the methods that were missing from Sergey's patch. So I asked JACQUESG to implement a few features that I needed. He was amazingly fast at responding, and I found myself asking for more and more features. And he just kept adding them!

So, thanks to a motivated contributor and a very reactive maintainer, Git::Database 0.08 can now access data from a Git repository using any of these seven Perl Git backends:

There are in fact more Git backends on CPAN... Anyone interested in adding support for Git::Class must have understood by now that patches are welcome. :-)

Update: I my praise for contributors, I forgot SREZIC, who not only runs a smoker, but tirelessy reports all failures back to the author, usually with some analysis that puts me on the track for a fix. Version 0.009 is on CPAN thanks to him.

This round of applause would not be complete without DOLMEN who spent a lot of time helping me design the module's interface. I have already mentioned his role in a previous post.

All the module issues come from me, and these people helped make it much much better than I could have on my own.

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This is great! ++ to everyone involved in putting this together.

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