The Perl Toolchain Summit is back in 2023!

After a three years pandemic-induced hiatus, it is my pleasure to announce that the Perl Toolchain Summit is happening again!

This year, for the thirteenth edition, we will be gathering again in Lyon, from Wednesday April 27 to Sunday April 30 2023, in the hotel Campanile Lyon Centre Part-Dieu. Participants will stay at the hotel, and work in the meeting rooms dedicated for the event.

The first rounds of invitations have been sent. We plan on having about thirty participants. We are always looking for sponsors (ask for our sponsor prospectus!).

The organisation is being handled by a small distributed team of people experienced with this event (they have all been helping with several previous editions):

  • Philippe Bruhat (BOOK) is the host, and will handle local matters (venue and accommodation) from Lyon, and also be the public face of the event.
  • Laurent Boivin (ELBEHO) will be handling the money from Paris, both inwards (getting it from the sponsors) and outwards (covering expenses and refunding attendees)
  • Neil Bowers (NEILB) will be helping remotely with planning and logistics from Marlow, UK.

Started in 2008 by Salve Nilsen (SJN) as the Perl QA Hackathon in Oslo, the Perl Toolchain Summit is an annual event that brings together the key developers working on the Perl toolchain. Each year (except for 2020-2022), the event moves from country to country all over Europe, organised by local teams of volunteers. The surplus money from previous summits helps fund the next one.

The developers who maintain CPAN and associated tools and service are all volunteers, scattered across the globe. This event is the one time in the year when they can get together. This will be particularly valuable in 2023, as the last time they could meet was before the pandemic, in April 2019 (in Marlow, UK).

The summit provides dedicated time to work on the critical systems and tools, with all the right people in the same room. The attendees hammer out solutions to thorny problems and discuss new ideas to keep the toolchain moving forward.

Given the important nature of the attendees’ work and their volunteer status, we try to pay for all expenses (travel, lodging, food, etc.) through sponsorship. If you’re interested in helping sponsor the summit, please get in touch with Philippe Bruhat at book at

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