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How to use SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Plack

I needed to port a little cgi-script that implements a simple SOAP-server to Plack. After a little searching, I came across SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Plack.

Unfortunately, the documentation of this module is ... not really helpful.

Here's my (slightly modified) cgi-script:


use SOAP::Transport::HTTP;


Simple enough.

After some help of the awesome hobbs on IRC, here's part of my Plack psgi file:

use Plack::Builder;
use Plack::Request;
use SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Plack;

my $soap = SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Plack->new;

my $soap_app = sub {
    my $env = shift;

    return $soap
            )->handler( Plack::Request->new( $env ) );

return builder {
        '/soap_test' => $soap_app;

And low and behold, it works!

LCLOC of the month

Here's the Least Comprehensible Line Of Code I came across this month. Took me a while to make sure it really did what I thought it did.

my @array;
# ...
@array = map {$_;} (@array, keys %{$this->{'someobject'}->get_some_hash_ref()});

Bonus points for using $this instead of $self.

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