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Spotify and Perl Article

Sawyer X recently gave a talk in which he outlined that merely talking about the stuff we are doing helps promote perl (watch his talk here on youtube). I believe he is absolutely correct.

Mike Schilli is one person who I think is doing a fantastic job of this. He writes a Perl article each month in Linux Magazine which is available in print and electronic editions. Here in Australia, it's available in most newsagencies (which is where I tend to stand around reading it... and sometimes I buy it). I think thats som…

Next Sydney PM - 11th November

Posting on brought new faces to our last Sydney PM, so heres details on our next event. Please join us if you are in Sydney Australia!

Hi All

Catalyst IT have offered to host us this month, so I went ahead and booked their board room. Thanks to Andrew Boag for setting the wheels in motion.

What: Sydney Perl Mongers
Date: Tuesday, 11th November 2014
Time: 6-9:30pm
Where: Catalyst IT, Suite 501-504, 89 York St Sydney NSW

The building locks it's doors at 6pm, so one of their staff will let us in. The same as SiteSuite and others. A contact mobile number will be posted later on for stragglers.

I will give a talk on HTML::FormFu. We also need you to give a talk!

Catalyst IT will hopefully give us a talk on how Perl is used in their company to provide value to their clients. I understand they do a lot with the Koha library mangement software.

Here are some ideas:

  • perlprew, perlcritic, perltidy, podweaver, any of these sorts of tools
  • Anything related to Mojolicious/Catalyst/Dancer
  • Anything to do with rapid creation or consumption of rest/soap/xmlrpc/other apis
  • Getting started on perl testing
  • Queue things like beanstalkd, gearman
  • Using perl in funky cloud services like digitial ocean, codio, heroku etc
  • Maybe something on logging, log4perl, Log::Any, Log::Dispatch
  • Something cool that you did, just a fun little tool or something

There is a projector with all the usual trimmings and wifi access may be available.

Lightning talks would also be really great!

Meeting after that?

At this weeks meeting, everyone seemed happy to plan for the month after as well. So if you can't make this month - look out for February![1]



  1. From prior discussions, people seemed happy with 10 meets per year giving December and January a miss.

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