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Getting big without getting fat, in perl

I presented this talk last night at Sydney PM to a crowd of 12 enthusiastic mongers. Thanks to Catalyst-IT for hosting us, and for shouting free pizza and drinks!

Seeking helpers for Net::DHCP

Are you sitting at home thinking "I've got all this free time, I really want to make use of it playing around with bitstrings using pack and unpack" ?

Your search is over! I need your help!

For some time now I have been chipping away at enhancements for Net::DHCP. Recently I have begun adding tests using packet captures from the real world. Naturally this has created a laundry list of possible enhancements including DHCP options which need special attention to make sense of.

That and the tangled web of quirky clients which require dhcp options to be i…

Sydney Perl Mongers August 2015

It's hard to believe its August already! Catalyst-IT have offered to host us this month, so I went ahead and booked their board room.

What: Sydney PM
Date: Tuesday, 18th August 2015
Time: 6-9:30pm
Where: Catalyst, Suite 501-504, 89 York St Sydney NSW

The building locks it's doors at 6pm, so one of their staff will let us in. The same as Broadbean, SiteSuite and others. For stragglers, a contact mobile number will be posted on the SydneyPM email list the day before.

Please like our FB page and /users/dean/2015/08/index.html


Stuart Cooper gave a talk at this last month's Sydney PM meeting. His talk was "analog" in that he gave it without slides from hand written notes with the purpose of provoking a guided discussion. The outcome was rather successful with people offering thoughts and experiences, along with references to websites and books. It was very productive and enjoyable.

He typed up and published his notes on the Sydney.PM emai llist, which are posted below with hyperlinks added for reference.

Talk by Stuart Cooper for meeting, July 2…

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