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LANraragi v.0.6.8 - Cool Cat


LANraragi is a web application for archival and reading of manga/doujinshi. It's lightweight and Docker-ready for NAS/servers. There is even a standing offer from the author to send out a free sticker pack for the first person to run the linux/s390x docker image on a real IBM System 390.

Check out the release details and try out the d…

Shorewall Released!

Shorewall is now available for download. Shorewall is a gateway/firewall configuration tool for GNU/Linux, written in Perl.

Problems Corrected:

1) A typo in the FTP documentation has been corrected.

2) The recommended mss setting when using IPSec with ipcomp
has been corrected.

3) A number of incorrect links in the manpages have been

4) The 'bypass' option is now allowed when specifying an
NFQUEUE policy. Previous…

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