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Please not yet-another-oo-system, let's support frameworks

I'm very keen to be actively deprecating and removing syntactic oddities that folks should already be prohibiting via good perlcritic policies (i.e linting) hopefully in their editors and CI pipelines.

And standard perl is a good way for code bases to prepare for the future and derive real benefits right now. Both build on the meritocracy approach of CPAN.

It is that meritocracy that brought us the object frameworks Moose (which people seemed to feel was too big) and then Moo+Type::Tiny (which…

Contacting author of Net::Azure::StorageClient

I am trying to contact Junnama Noda author of Net::Azure::StorageClient

I have sent two emails now to the public email address listed in his public github profile and have received no bounce or response.

If anyone is in contact with him, please have him contact me


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