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Proposal for Perl Foundation Memberships

The current Yet Another Society (The Perl Foundation) bylaws exclude the possibility of membership (see Article II https://www.perlfoundation.org/bylaws.html). As reference, the Python Foundation has 5 membership classes with various rights and privileges associated (https://www.python.org/psf/bylaws/).

I believe this to be a wasted opportunity to increase engagement with stake holders in the Perl community, be they individuals, business or other organizations. And also to secure …

Reimagining perl5-porters email list for 2021 and beyond

Let's examine if in 2021 an email redistribution list, i.e. perl5-porters@ (p5p) is still the best model for collaborating on the perl language. This is a discussion so comment below!

Advantages of an email list:

  • Familiar interface, people can use their client of choice
  • Low resources to run and maintain
  • Easy to derive automation from as email is all well known protocols
  • Everything is email

Disadvantages of an email list:

  • Email addresses disclosed to all participants (can be cha…

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