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Perl5 to Java compiler - symbol tables, typeglobs, and call stack

Perlito5 is an implementation of the Perl5 language that runs in the Java / JVM platform.

As part of the work for porting the core Perl modules, we had to implement better support for Perl symbol tables, typeglobs, and call stack.

The call stack (the caller() function) now works "natively", decoding the internal Java stack trace. This means that there is no logging overhead for calling Perl subs, and no additional work needs to be done to support Perl stack traces in JVM threads.

Symbol tables (like %::) and typeglobs also work like in Perl, even if the internal data structures are actually flattened into a java HashMap. The symbol table / typeglob / filehandle emulation doesn't add any overhead for normal hash variable access.

With these changes, the core module lib/ now works without modifications.

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