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Autoload::AUTOCAN - Autoloading the easy way

Autoload can be a very powerful tool in Perl, though often you should first consider if there's a better way; Autoload is not necessarily the best solution for cases where you just need to generate many methods by name, and definitely is not the best solution for "wrapping" static methods. But if your use-case does necessitate methods created on the fly, I have released Autoload::AUTOCAN to make this easier to get right.

Simply define an 'AUTOCAN' method in your class, w…

Dist::Zilla @Starter - Revision 2

I recently released revision 2 of the [@Starter] plugin bundle for Dist::Zilla. This revision brings small improvements to the default behavior, as well as the option to set a different installer plugin. In order to use the new revision, you must set the option "revision = 2" when using the bundle.

Revision 2 uses [Pod2Readme] instead of [ReadmeAnyFromPod] to generat…

CPAN Meta Browser

I've been looking for a better way to access the public CPAN metadata in files such as 02packages.details.txt and 06perms.txt, for checking the module index and CPAN permissions. For the latter you can always sign into https://pause.perl.org but I found that to be inconvenient. So I wrote a simple app that caches these files, converts them into a SQLite database, and then serves query results. You can find the result here: http://cpanmeta.grinnz.com/ and the source on GitHub. If there's any…

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