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My Second NYC Perl Hackathon experience

On May 2nd 2015, the Second NYC Perl Hackathon event took place and this time around it was a completely different experience from the First NYC Perl Hackathon that took place in 2013. In early February, Jim Keenan made a call for a Perl Hackathon venue space in the mailing list and Peter Martini from Bloomberg L.P. arranged a meeting to discuss the possibility of having Bloomberg L.P. host the event ( This is where my adventure started ). Jim Keenan reached out to me to assist him as a co-organizer ( and I excitedly said Yes ! ).

After attending a meeting and a tour at the B…

Mini CPAN PR Challenge Distros available in NYC Perl Hackathon 2015 Wiki

As promised here is the list of CPAN distributions for the Mini CPAN PR Challenge at the
NYC Perl Hackathon 2015.

Mini CPAN Pull Request Challenge Distros

If you are attending the hackathon and participating in the challenge please add yourself to the wiki page as a participant.

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