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More Dancer2 goodness

Task::Dancer2 0.04 and Dancer2::Plugin::Queue 0.005 are on their way to CPAN. D22::P::Queue had test failures preventing it from installing. Task::Dancer2 re-enabled Queue in the bundle, and also the REST plugin.


Dancer2 module updates now on CPAN

Last night Task::Dancer2 0.03 and Dancer2::Session::JSON 0.002 made their way to CPAN. Thanks to xdg and Yanick for their help with this. More updates to come in the following days.

Thank you to those who attended and sponsored the Perl Dancer Conference 2015 in Vienna this week! Looking forward to seeing you next year (sorry I had to miss this one).

Most importantly, thank you to the Dancer Core Team for extending an invite to me. I am proud to be one of you :)…

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