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A free Perl talk Oct. 22nd in Columbus Ohio

The 2011 Code Camp Columbus is nearly upon us. It is all day the 22nd and it is free to all attendees.

I will be giving a talk about building Perl applications to solve everyday problems culminating in a WWW:Mechanize application that shows most of the previous examples working together. At previous conferences and events when I talk about Perl it is the context of using it to automate install tasks and is more about finished applications versus Perl development so this is somewhat new to me.

I plan to put the slides and other materia…

Core Modules add/remove quick reference

When designing a Perl application that needs to run on many different versions I end up using 'corelist' a good deal. Most of the time I just needed a list of the additions or removals of core modules from different stable series of Perl releases. I kept all this information in a text file for reference. While searching for something Perl related it dawned on me that I should post this as it could be useful for other Perl developers as well.

I used 'corelist -r' and 'corelist -v ' to gather this data together. The release data is from 'perldoc perlhist'.


Perl, C and Dr. Dennis Ritchie

As many of you have read in the news Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie has passed away at age 70. Given numerous awards for creating the C programming language and developing UNIX Dr. Ritchie is not just a giant among men, he is a titan in the computer industry. Here is a video of Ritchie and Thompson receiving an award from then President Bill…

Some pretty printing options for variables

Recently I needed something with the same functionality of Data::Dumper but prettier printing for dealing with nested structures. First stop Metacpan. I type in 'Data::Dumper' and the auto complete dropdown lists some suggestions and I try a few. Ovid's Data::Dumper::Names gives me the names of variables I pass in by reference. With Data::Dumper you would see this

$VAR2 = [ 

Now with Data::Dumper::…

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