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Text Processing Part 2: More Speed

In my previous post Text Processing: Divide and Conquer I took a text processing problem profiled it, then developed a few possible solutions. I benchmarked these options and now use the fastest solution… that I tested for. Two comments were posted for that article that gave insight into different and faster ways to solve this problem.

Using Padre for the first time

Recently I have been doing some in depth research with regards to development tools of all kinds. Currently I am working my through the various IDEs available in both the open and close source worlds. This is what spurred me into giving Padre another shot. The last time I tried to install it there was a dependency problem and it was not worth solving. So that is my first step, install Padre.

About Kimmel

user-pic I like writing Perl code and since most of it is open source I might as well talk about it too. @KirkKimmel on twitter