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namespace::local - confine imports to current scope

namespace::clean (along with its cousins namespace::autoclean and namespace::sweep) allows to "forget" imported functions, only making them available for the current package. This is neat.

After looking at the inside of namespace::clean, I thought I could do an inside-out version that would erase imports that come after and not before it. A prototype turned out surprisingly easy to implement.

The usage is as follows:

package My::Package;

sub normal_funtion {
    # no traces of quux exist

sub function_with_import {
     use namespace::local;
     use Foo::Bar qw(quux); # some crazy prototyped DSL
     # quux available here

sub another_normal {
     # no traces of quux exist

I have at least one use case where importing a lot of functions into a single scope makes sense.

Do you have more?

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