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Git - inhibit commit if modules don't compile

Sometimes I forget to run Perl base tests for my modules, before committing changes. As to what happens, I end up committing something that doesn't quite compile ;) Luckily Git has a pre-commit hook one can use to run at least the "compile" tests. The following aborts the commit if the t/00*.t tests (usually the "do all modules compile?" tests) in the repository don't run correctly; stick it in .git/hooks/pre-commit:
# Runs modules' "compiles" tests before committing
# Dies (halting commit) if they don't compile

CloudServers Perl module - 0.09_10

perl -E'say join " ", reverse world, hello' # :)

I've finally found some time to play again with the Rackspace API manual, and added a couple features to the Net-RackSpace-CloudServers module I hadn't touched since moving home some months ago.

The project is semi-alive on, and the latest 0.09_10 development version should be on CPAN soon.

It's basically a…

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