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Sponsor a Perl QA hacker!

Until this weekend I was only vaguely aware of the Perl QA Hackathons. Something led me to the attendees page for the Perl QA Hackathon 2012. If you scroll down to the section "Registered, seeking sponsorship", you'll see a list of names, many of which you'll recognise, along with a list of things they're planning on working on.

If you see something listed that you want, or think Perl will benefit from, why not ="http://2012.qa-hackathon.org/qa2012/…

Module review updates

I've just updated the review of modules for defining constants:

  • Christian Walde (MITHALDU) pointed out I'd missed enum, which is used to define sets of constants with values in sequence, akin to C's enum type.

  • As a result, I found enum::fields, which similarly is used to define sequences of constants. But it's aimed at defining names for …
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