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CPAN Day is 16th August

Well this is a bit embarrassing. My script to tell me the date of the first CPAN/PAUSE upload told me the 16th August, but somehow when writing the first post about it, I changed the date to the 14th. Doh.

The good news is that 16th August is a Saturday this year, which gives us all a better chance at uploading a release or two. And two more days to prepare.

I've updated the previous posts, and regenerated the charts.

Give your module a good SEE ALSO section

The SEE ALSO section in your module's pod is where you direct the reader to other things of interest. In this post I'll briefly outline what constitutes a good SEE ALSO, and why it benefits you to create one.

My thoughts on this topic have evolved over time, and in writing this I've realised that a lot of my modules could do with a brush up. I'll be releasing those on CPAN Day, of course :-)

Give your modules a good SYNOPSIS

If the abstract for your module is up to snuff, then have a look at the SYNOPSIS to see whether you could improve that in a CPAN Day release. The SYNOPSIS should briefly show typical usage of the headline features of your module.

Here are some guidelines for a good SYNOPSIS:

Give your modules a good abstract

If you're looking for something to release on CPAN day, check the abstract for your modules, and make sure they have a good abstract. The abstract should not only be compliant pod, but should succinctly describe what your module does. The name and abstract are often the first thing that potential users see, so make them count.

The ghost of CPAN Days past

How many releases were done on previous CPAN Days? I know you've been dying to find out, so here are a few graphs, and I'll also compare with the top days in CPAN history. If 100 people each do one release on this coming CPAN Day (16th August, UTC), then it'd be the best CPAN Day yet. If between us we manager 151 releases, that would be the highest day ever.

CPAN and PAUSE record their timestamps in UTC, as all sane systems do. So if you're planning to release on CPAN, please take that into consideration.

CPAN Day - 16th August!

Celebrate the inauguration of CPAN on the 16th August by doing something related to CPAN: release something, blog about your favourite module, or email its author thanking her or him.

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