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AWS Perl Lambdas - openssl issue

Ran into some issues gettng HTTPS to work with LWP in a Lambda. I blog about it here..

Amazon's assertion regarding the AMI that comprises the runtime for Lambdas is suspicious. If you launch the AMI they indicate is representative of the Lambda runtime environment you'll find that it contains openssl 1.0.2. But, actually inspecting a running Lambda environment reveals it is running version 1.0.1.

The dive into Perl Lambdas continues...mostly successful, but there are rough edge…

CodeBuild 2019 or "How I built perl for less than 3 cents"

As part of my Perl/Lambda adventure, I wrote a make-a-perl script that provisioned an EC2 to compile a version of perl. I suspect everyone has their favorite way to compile a perl binary (either for free or not) but here's yet another way to leverage the many tools that AWS has to offer. TIMTOWTDI of course!

CodeBuild 2019 or How I built perl for less than 3 cents

AWS Lambdas & Perl Teaser

Just pushed version 0.0.1 of a framework for creating Perl Lambdas. Sort of a POC and WIP...comments welcome.


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