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Dynamic ACL for EC2 with Dancer

An in-house Dancer webapp that's running on EC2 needed an ACL (Access Control List): a list of IPs that are allowed to access the application. Here is how we've accomplished it in a few lines.

Net::Icecast2 is out!

My friend and co-worker Pavel Zhitomirsky, who also organized the last meeting, has made his second CPAN contribution: Net::Icecast2.

While trying to work with Icecast, he found that there is no Icecast 2 API on CPAN and decided to write one. As usual, he writes Modern Perl with all the usual bells and whistles: Moo (+ Sub::Quote), MooX::Types::MooseLike, read-on…

no ident specified when using Log::Dispatchouli (MooseX::Role::Loggable)

Sometimes when working with the lovely MooseX::Role::Loggable you might encounter the following fatal error:

no ident specified when using Log::Dispatchouli at line 117.

I keep running into this and resolving this each time without remembering what this means, so I keep having to debug it all over again. While I've documented this issue in the new version of MooseX::Role::Loggable, I'd like to explain it here as well.

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