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Thought for the day: Perl 5 is English; Perl 6 is Esperanto.

Esperanto may be a saner language than English in every way.

But English is the language of Shakespeare, of Milton, of Byron, of Dylan Thomas; the language of Arthur Conan-Doyle and Agatha Christie; the language of Tolkien and C S Lewis; of Lewis Carroll and Beatrix Potter. It's the language of Stoker and Shelley.

Wikipedia notes that over 100 original novels have been published in Esperanto. Big woop-dee-doo(!)

I want to be able to use Perl 6 day to day, but not if that involves missing out on Perl 5's li…

Introducing Type::Tiny

Type::Tiny is a tiny (no non-core dependencies) framework for building type constraints. OK, probably not that exciting. How can I grab your attention?

                         Rate            WithMoose WithMooseAndTypeTiny
 WithMoose             8071/s                   --                 -25%
 WithMooseAndTypeTiny 10778/s                  34%                   --

The benchmark script is shown later so you can check I'm not doing anything hideously unfair to disadvantage Moose.

How can I hold your attention?

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